Go Ape – 9/27/2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the family was going nuts stuck in the house. I figured the best thing to do was get out and do a family activity. That was going to be zip-lining with Go Ape. Danelle, Corvin, and I had done this once before for Corvin’s birthday.

We started off getting all geared up for the event.

We like to Go Ape experience because it is unsupervised. Well, they start off at a near ground level zipline and explain how it works. Everything is color coded and easy to follow. They have people around and tell you to use the whistle on the harness if you need help. It took a while to get through the first demo at ground level. Not because its hard, but because there were 2 other small groups. With COVID, we were very spaced apart and needed to wait for them to complete before starting. This added a big level of comfort. We decided to lock in our order of Corvin, Danelle, Sonora, Hogan to ensure Sonora had support on both ends.

Up Corvin went on the first of 5 sets of stations.

Sonora and Danelle watch on seeing what he would do.

It wasn’t long before Danelle was climbing her way to the top.

Sonora followed up, but was a bit less sure of herself. It all looks easy on the ground. But the ladders are not like rigid metal ones and the movement was unwanted.

There is a limit of 2 people per platform, so I had to look on as Corvin swung towards the cargo net.

Sonora didn’t have the confidence of Corvin, so while we were coaxing her across, Corvin was going APE!

I don’t see Sonora wanting to go back any time soon (ever) as it got progressively harder for her to complete sections. It was a great idea for a family outing even if all of us didn’t have a great time.

Hogan Haake



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