Foot Coloring – 3/30/2022

Sonora is a very motivated student who puts a lot of effort into her coursework. One of her classes this semester was Athletic Training I. In this class, they focus on the anatomy of the legs, common leg injuries for athletes, and how to treat the lower extremities to prevent injury or promote healing. This meant that she regularly needed a foot to practice on. Since dad’s feet are too gross, mom got to spend several afternoons getting her feet taped repeatedly

One of the assignments was to mark various bones in the foot and record a description of each, including handling the foot to demonstrate how to find the bones.

She did a great job of marking on my foot and not making it tickle too much, though I think once or twice she forgot that the foot was attached to a person and could not just rotate freely in any direction. Oh, and she used permanent marker. That stuck around a while. Luckily it didn’t get warm enough to wear sandals in the week or two after this project! And FYI, the blue permanent marker lasted the longest.