February – 2012

Corvin’s in second grade and he joined the family ranks as a boy with glasses.  We joke that he looks a bit like Harry Potter which he likes. I was a bit disappointed that Danelle got the insurance for the glasses, but they are likely to break as he’s young and crazy like his father.

Danelle and I are not pro guns, but we do respect them. However, Danelle may have gotten a bit crazy with this one while we were shopping. And of course, I can get behind this one as well. Maybe if we armed our troops with this type of gun, conflicts would be much better!

For Danelle’s birthday last year, I got a screen door installed at the house just for her. I don’t like them as I’m lazy and its just one more door to open before I can get inside the house. However, I find that I do many things in my life to please her. When I cam home from work, we found that the door had not closed properly and the wind whipped the door open and nearly ripped it off the house. This provoked many sad feelings. I hate to say I told her so, but I expected it would break when I got it, just not this soon!


Now we’re back to no screen door and I’m happy. I’ll admit that it let in a lot of light, but the cost was too high!