Family Vacation Part 6 – 7/8/2012

Its the day of Leslie and John’s wedding. The whole reason that a bunch of family came to Texas this summer. We were excited about the event and looking forward to it. However, we had a whole day to fill before the big event. Austin has a very cool scene near the city center and it was time to check it out. I should mention again that it was prohibitively hot this summer, so we didn’t want to spend too much time outside.

Corvin and Sonora didn’t really want anything to do with any activity that wasn’t directly related to the hotel pool. Its frustrating for parents when we could have just gone to the pool at home. So the photo below shows Corvin’s interest in what we were doing, walking downtown. We saw a few shops and the capital.


Now the next picture is the center of much controversy in our family. The photo below is of “friend friend”. Sonora got friend when she was born at the hospital. Friend has been with Sonora and the family for over 6 years. Except, this is the last known picture of Friend. Somewhere on the trip, she was magically lost never to been seen from again. We searched everywhere we could think of. Called the restaurant we had lunch at and even talked with the hotel staff on the hopes that we might find her somewhere. Sonora and her mother both cried about the loss of Friend.

** UPDATE **

Sonora talked about Friend occasionally for months after loosing her. Finally after three times in a few days, Danelle ordered a new Friend off of ebay. Once new Friend got here, Sonora was so happy to see her. She started to question as the new Friend wasn’t torn/worn the same, but just gave up and enjoyed the moment. The next morning Corvin started crying and revealed to mom that he hid Friend behind the mattress in the hotel room. So mom/Sonora didn’t loose Friend. I think he forgot what he did until seeing Friend in person again…

We made a trip to the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center for Danelle to see lots of plants. There, I found my favorite kind of cactus.

We didn’t stay at the wildflower center as long as Danelle wanted to, but that was because we had to get back for the wedding. Danelle and Sonora got dressed since they had to be there early while Corvin and I went to the pool. We swam for several hours before getting ready and riding with family to the wedding.

Without naming names, I’ll say that two of the ladies in the family got quite intoxicated and made for some minor drama and some major fun.