Family Vacation Part 5 – 7/7/2012

Our first morning in Austin Texas. We needed to be in Austin this afternoon for the rehearsal since Sonora is the flower girl. We had plenty of time to spare and liked it that way. The hotel we were all staying in had a large breakfast area and we took full advantage of it. Corvin and Matt wasted no time turning the exercise area into a jungle gym.

In order to make the kids happy, we spent the morning in the hotel pool. Half of the rooms in the hotel had a balcony looking out on the pool.

It wasn’t long and we were off to the rehearsal. The location was a bit difficult to find and nearly required a four wheel drive vehicle with a wench, but we were able to get there in time. Maybe I’m weird for noticing, but the wedding planner (in the black dress) had matching bruises on the back of her calves. I’m not sure what that was about and I never got around to asking her.

We found a Hobby Lobby nearby and purchased supplies for making bracelets. Danelle sure knows a great craft for keeping the kids busy!

It was a simple relaxing day with nothing to complain about.