Family Vacation Part 3 – 7/5/2012

Corvin and Sonora generally get up early and we wanted to have a fast start to the morning. So we were up and showered quickly. We had breakfast at the hotel and were on the road before 8:00am. It may be a vacation, but we just generally get up early anyway. We started off the drive with something that shocked the kids, Danelle driving. Corvin took the front seat and we were off. This allowed me to relax a bit and read a bit of Harry Potter to Sonora during the drive.

We got to Hayden and Jennifer’s house and quickly turned around to go out to lunch. Somewhere in the conversation of lunch, our miscommunication became clear. We planned to spend the night and hang out with them. They thought we were just passing through for lunch. At that, we laughed and all slowed down, having more time to chat. The restaurant we went to had great burgers and fries and nobody left hungry!

Back at Tinker air force base, Hayden told the guard who we were and that we were right behind him. With ID in hand, the guard checked us out and let us onto the base following Hayden. I learned that the air force has very low speed limits, typically 20 mph, and they are strict about it being a limit. It took a while, but we finally made it to Hayden’s house.

Their living room was perfect for a family with three growing boys. There were play areas for each kid and a game system for dad! This stop on the vacation was nearly the biggest highlight of the trip for the kids. Getting to play with their cousins that were their own age. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and getting a six pack of beer to relax at the house. Ultimately, we ended up taking a walk across the base to a playground and had a fantastic visit.

Hayden insisted that we stay with him, and I couldn’t resist getting some of my federal tax money back by staying for free on an air force base! After many late hours, we called it a night and headed to bed.