Family Vacation Part 2 – 7/4/2012

We got up early in KC at my parents house and packed quickly. We said our goodbyes after breakfast and were on our way. Our destination was south on I-35 to Wichita Kansas to see my sister Holly. Of course the real star is her son “Little Moscow” [David]. Holly wasn’t going to go to the wedding in Texas, so we wanted to visit her and her family on the way there. It was our first time seeing the baby in person!

Since we got to town around lunch time, we asked what they liked to eat. Being Independence day, we figured our choices were limited and decided to got o Applebee’s. On the way, we called Henry and he said he would meet us at the restaurant. Luck for us, they had a lunch special of a free kids meal with every adult meal. I bring this up because they have meal deals where you get two meal deals for one price, so without Henry showing up to eat, there were only two meal purchases and two kids (mine) eating. However, once Henry showed up and ordered, Jim also ordered a kids meal for David [who is only a month old] since it was free. I still can’t decide if he’s cheap or smart!

Once we got back to the house, I went with Henry to check into our hotel room for the night. I didn’t want to impose with a new baby and I figured it would get us out of town early the next morning. So Henry, Corvin, and I took off and checked into our room. But that wasn’t our only destination. Henry is going to Wichita State University, so I wanted to see where he lives. He took us to campus and started giving us the tour, but I saw something that caused us to pause and take a photo break. The original Pizza Hut restaurant.

After we finished with Pizza Hut, we went on to Henry’s fraternity. He gave Corvin and I a tour of the building and his room. It was what I would expect for a guy in college. Henry was quite proud of it and should be. I enjoyed seeing where his is living.

After our tour, we were back at Holly’s place hanging out. Since it was the 4th of July, we decided to purchase a few fireworks. So after about an hour away, we came back with a small arms cache. Corvin had never done fireworks before and I believe he may have considered it the best day of his life! A few hours and several close calls with flaming projectiles later, we watched the big boys send off the large fireworks with delight. The first full day of our vacation had played itself out. We got to visit Holly and family and shoot off fireworks. It was a nearly perfect day, so we headed to the hotel to get some sleep before the next day’s journey.