Family Vacation Day 10 – 6/11/2011

This morning, the St. Louis van got underway before 7am! Hannah, Bob, and the Stl Haakes knew that they had a long trip ahead of them if they were going to make it from Douglas, Wyoming to Kansas City in one day. meanwhile, the KC vehicles didn’t leave the parking lot till after 10:30am…

White van stopped for lunch at a KFC/Taco Bell. Everyone got Taco Bell. Danelle didn’t think the nachos & cheese woudl be enough for Sonora, so she got a KFC kids meal to go. This was good because within 30 minutes of leaving, Sonora sounded the All Hungry alarm again!

They always say that the lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but I don’t know that I can believe that after this trip. For the second time on the trip, hogan asked Danelle to take the wheel! Okay, maybe this is not a complete shock, considering that we had about 14 hours of driving planned for the day, but it is always fun to tease Hogan!

Danelle’s stint as driver ended in Nebraska City at dinner. We found a Valentino’s Italian Restaurant featuring a pizza buffet. Bob is a big fan of this chain! The buffet had salad, pizza, pasta, tacos, and lots of dessert.

After dinner, Hogan had a driving tour of the Missouri River flooding in Nebraska City and we walked around a bit before heading out.