Downtown Walk – 11/10/2013

After discovering all of the new wonders of downtown, I wanted to share them with my family. So, I loaded up the wife and kids and proceeded to drive like I was going to work. I parked in the work lot and took them up to see the office. After a quick visit, the kids wanted to go up and down the stairwell. They did a great job of climbing without complaining.

After we got out of the work building, I took them down through the landing to walk towards the new I-70 bridge. As we went throught he landing, the pangs of hunger rang out through the kids. So we stopped to have a meal at an outside patio.

The kids liked watching all of the birds looking for scraps. I was worried as we were nearly under where the birds produced the most droppings. We made out unscathed, but I would have preferred to eat inside next time. As we walked out of the landing, I found some “new” views of the arch!

The river was quite low, so we ended up playing around the bridge pylons. The kids found this very exciting and I wasn’t complaining either!

While walking up to the bridge, a barge coming upstream pulled over and stopped right next to us. We watched their process for a long time, even walking down to stand next to it!

After we got back to the car, the kids were worn out from all of the new experiences and walking around. It was a great way to spend time with the family and explore our home city!