Abandoned Freight Depot – 11/20/2012

I needed to get out of the office over lunch to get some fresh air. It helps to have something to do to clear my head. I had noticed an abandoned building from the window at work and walked by it to the I-70 bridge a few days earlier.

The building is located right in the middle of the picture. I decided it would make for an interesting lunch. I was not to be disappointed. As I walked up to it, there was somebody there with a pickup truck. I approached the gentleman with the pickup truck and asked if he would mind if I walked around the outside of the property and took pictures. We had a long conversation and he agreed that I could look around the outside of the building.

I didn’t get the name of the gentleman that I was talking to, but he had lots of information about the building. He stated that it was completed around 1915 and was a rail exchange that was used until 1975, when it was closed up. The graffiti on the building was amazing, making me wish that I had something better than my cell phone camera.