Don Robinson with Corvin – 11/23/2018

After visiting Don Robinson park with Danelle, I wanted to go back and hike the other trail. With this destination in mind, I told Corvin that today’s driving lesson would be driving to Don Robinson to hike. He was up for the adventure and we set out. The weather was supposed to turn to rain, causing us to focus on getting there to hike before the rain came. There were a few small showers on the drive out, but we thought it best to press our luck.

Once there, we set out on the long trail to hike.

It started to rain on our hike. Instead of turning back, we jogged on the flat parts to get through the trail faster. We didn’t melt or get very wet. And we hiked the whole trail. I do expect to go back and hike it again to see it at a more leisurely pace!

Hogan Haake