Diving Board – 6/15/2014

The kids always want to go to the pool. I should make it a point to take them more often as they have a bunch of fun. Ok, I might even have fun myself. Danelle was kind enough to document our craziness on the diving boards.

Sonora is still building up her confidence, so she tends to jump towards the side of the pool to minimize any amount of swimming after she gets in. As she warms up, she’ll jump out more, but still to the side.

I tend to do “crazy” things to make the kids laugh and help them not be afraid.

I perform front flips that make the kids laugh. From my perspective, I jump high, tuck and sometimes come down feet first. From the camera’s perspective, I’m anything but graceful!

Corvin likes to jump off high and spike straight into the water. If you’re wondering where Danelle is for the action, the answer is being the photographer. She isn’t much for the diving boards.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her go off the board!

Hogan Haake