Disc Golf at Piasa Harbor – 8/20/2021

A couple weeks ago on a random motorcycle ride, I was riding a new area just taking in all the sites when I came across a disc golf course I didn’t realize was there. Fast forward to today and I decided it would be fun to play a round there. Danelle and her co-worker Hannah were able to join us. The course is called Piasa Harbor, located in Grafton, Illinois and its on the banks of the Mississippi river. Based on reading about and what i saw from my ride, I knew it wasn’t going to be something that other disc golfers would flock to. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to check it out.

The baskets for the course were custom made. They didn’t do a great job of catching putts, so you had to be perfect if you wanted them going in.

The worst part about the design is the closed top. On the 9th hole (its only a 9 hole course) when I was pulling my disc out of the basket, wasps started coming out. The closed top provided a protective location for their nest. Nobody got stung, but we didn’t stick around either.

Its a course I’ll probably play again as its right next to the river and easy, so a good confidence booster.

Finally, they had a cool rope swing that we all took turns playing on.

Hogan Haake