Creve Couer Lake 5K – 8/11/2020

Corvin and I decided to get out for some father/son outdoor time. We went out to Creve Coeur lake for a weekly 5K paddle race. But before we could paddle around the lake, we decided to unicycle it first.

After our unicycle ride, we both realized that we forgot our water shoes. So we loaded the boat and threw our shoes in the boat hoping we wouldn’t capsize and loose them.

There is a pretty decent weekly following of this event, mostly by fast kayaks, but we do our best to have fun!

We had lots of laughs and exercise. A perfect day to be out together! Ultimately the unicycles were much faster!

Distance: 3.81 miles
Time: 39:40 minutes
Average: 6.7 mph

Distance: 3.14 Miles
Time: 41:23 minutes
Average: 4.6 mph

Check out the Facebook Group: Creve Coeur Lake Show Me Oars Day 5K page and hopefully come out and join us racing. Its nice healthy activity with a great community!

Hogan Haake