Creve Coeur Connector – 9/25/2016

Corvin and I decided to do a longer bike/unicycle ride. Okay, I decided and he wanted to come with me. I wanted to ride the Creve Coeur connector trail. This trail connects Creve Coeur Lake trail system with the nearby Katy Trail.

The path  goes between the lake and the Katy Trail following highway 364/Page Ave. Eventually the path joins up with the road to use the Page bridge to go over the Missouri river to get to the Katy trail. The view over the river is really cool!

All of the things on the fence are Love Padlocks. I found them annoying as they block the view of the river. At the west side of the river, I took the photo of the path winding back down the hill to the Katy trail. I rode all the way down without stopping and almost made it back up!

Sometimes its nice going back the same way you came. It adds perspective for things that you missed going one way. In this case, it was a large field of plants. It doesn’t look like much, but the field is flooded with water. If you put a canoe in here, you’re head probably would not be taller than the plants!

The ride ended up being just over 6 miles and a whole lot of fun!

Hogan Haake