Christmas in Kansas City – 12/25/2021

We  packed up and headed to Kansas City for Christmas this year. We’ve gotten worse at planning, but my parents didn’t mind the last minute surprise. I texted my dad this photo right before we came in the front door. Did I mention the weather seemed extra warm?

As an added bonus, Herman came in town with Easton. Getting 4 out of 7 siblings together is becoming a special event! Did I mention that I made Xmas cookies?

Easton is super adorable and was a riot to play with. Easton below is doing his special face.

Sisters enjoying an after dinner drink. Must have been something extra funny.

Even Corvin got time with Easton.

Grandpa never misses out on baby time.

Mom is happy to have her babies home, even if I take poorly timed photos!

Hogan Haake