A Quiet Ride Into Work

I sold something on Craigslist last night and had to meet the buyer early this morning at a gas station. Since its a perfect day out and the item was small, I decided to ride my motorcycle. I pushed it out to the street about 6:15 am before I started it. The weather is nice and I want to try not to wake anybody up. I rode down the street the long way mostly coasting to let the bike properly warm up before getting onto busy streets. I got out onto the first main street and rode calmly up to the stoplight that was red. There was a fair amount of traffic out, but easily manageable. I could hear the birds still chirping their early morning songs as I stopped at the light.

It is very important to come to a full and complete stop at this particular stoplight as there is a red light camera waiting to ticket anybody it can.


Just after my full stop, I was honked at by the car behind me for coming to a complete stop. Rather than going right away, I turned around in my seat and just looked at them for a minute. Then I calmly made my turn and went down the road. I didn’t expect any trouble from them and they were quite far back for a while. As I got ready to make my next turn a few miles down, the car was much closer and I was slightly on edge. You never know what people are capable of these days.


From the side of the road, I got barked at by a large dog. I never saw it, but the noise combined with the potential expected behavior of the car nearing me gave me quite a stir. Once I got to the gas station, I took my time fueling up and met my party.

From the gas station, it was smooth sailing into work, now I’m hoping the rest of the day is peaceful and smooth.