2020 Cross Country District Championships – 10/31/2020

One of the more amazing things about 2020 is that the Cross Country season wasn’t ended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The meets have been very different this year. Most of the meets didn’t allow spectators. When they did allow spectators, we needed masks on. More surprising yet, almost everybody at the meets complied and wore their masks correctly. Unless they were drinking hot chocolate like Sonora.

Like every meet, our first goal was to figure out where the course was and plan out where we were going to cheer Corvin on. We didn’t have a map, but managed to take a photo of somebody’s map to reference. This was going to be the last race of the season. The only exception were the top 3 teams and/or top 15 finishers in the race.

One of my favorite parts of the races is the “Grand Theft Auto” (get out of the way) cart in front of the lead runner.

Corvin ran strong up near the front of the race!

Unfortunately for the team, they placed 4th overall in the meet. Corvin ran one of his best races but finished a disappointing 17th place. Still, the Webster Groves team was proud of their season. Andrew Bacon did manage to make 15th place and would go on to run in state!

Hogan Haake