153rd Sunset Race 8/12/2021

This month we were super excited to go paddling. Only there was a strong storm forecast to come in right as we start. Just the same, I packed up the boats.

Down at the river, I unloaded the boats just in case the storm passed. The canoe in the back is about 120 lbs, so its a bit much.

Danelle asked Dan if she could try his Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) and he graciously allowed her. This is Danelle’s first SUP, note I have still never tried one.

Mark headed out for a quick paddle at the same time. The photo doesn’t do the incoming storm justice.

About 2 minutes after this photo the straight line winds hit and pouring rain. We packed up and went straight to the bar to hang out.

Couldn’t forget JoJo and Mark.

While we didn’t paddle, we still had a great time!

Hogan Haake