Hermann to St. Charles – 7/10/2016

This is our last big training run before this year’s MR340 race. I decided to do a full test of my 3 camera system and got it on video.

I wish I was better with names, cause training partners/groups make the whole thing worthwhile.


Mike in the back and can’t remember the guy in front.


JoJo up front.


Terica on the left and Andy on the right in orange.


A selfie with Hogan showing the rear camera.


Twin front and back cameras from the middle of the boat.


Hogan Haake

New Haven to St. Charles Training – 6/28/2016

A group of us training for the MR340 met in the early hours in New Haven, MO to have a training run. For this paddle, I decided to test out a new camera setup on the boat to try and get the best possible video. The first video is the paddle iteself.

We stopped at the Klondike ramp for what turned out to be lunch. I got out of the boat and walked around while people ate their food. I ended up barefoot and wiggling my toes in the sand/mud. What happened next totally amazed me. I sunk down to my knees!

20160626_111257 20160626_111301 20160626_111321

As I continued to step around, the sand turned into what I can only describe as quicksand. Stand too long and you sunk into it. Step quickly and you could go over it. I didn’t test how deep I could go as it was quite hard to get out when getting knee deep! See it in action from the video!

I wish I had gotten a longer video. Just after I got out, JoJo stepped in it and promptly sank. Its particularly funny because she weighs about 80 pounds less than me.

The river is always there to entertain us if we’re willing to participate!

Hogan Haake

Katy Trail Biking with Sonora – 5/8/2016

The summer is starting and I’m trying to get in lots of unicycle miles. I asked Corvin if he wanted to go with me, but he declined. I asked Sonora and to my surprise, she said yes. So we packed a bag for water and headed to the gas station. With gas, Gatorade, and some snacks, we headed out. I’ve been wanting to explore the Earth City Levee trail for some time.  The trail in St. Charles Missouri across from Frontier Park.


The trail is about 3 miles long and continues north, but we didn’t follow it that direction. I brought 2 unicycles with me for this ride, my new 36″ and my ole’ reliable 29″. This was my first lengthy ride on the 36 and it was certainly difficult, but I managed.


Flooding earlier in the year ate away at the trail and caused a detour.


Here is the other side of that detour. I’m glad we didn’t ignore the sign and keep going, it would have been a long and dangerous fall to the river!

After our ride on this trail, Sonora and I ate some snacks while I drove to the Katy Trail. Here, we continued our ride for about 7 ish more miles for an nice out and back ride. On this one, I took the 29 as I was getting tired. We ended up at the lowest point of the Katy Trail during our ride!


Sonora was a trooper for the day. We rode over 11 miles, a personal best for me on the unicycle!

Hogan Haake

Race For The Rivers – 8/29/2015

Race for the Rivers is an annual event benefiting the Greenway network. We’ve been racing in this event since 2011. Since I do other races during the year, this is Danelle’s time to paddle. I’m just here to support her. I also take tons of photographs.

Danelle and JoJo getting registered.

Danelle and JoJo getting registered.

Kids playing before the race starts.

Kids playing before the race starts.

Danelle ad JoJo paddling the Kruger Cruiser at the start.

Danelle ad JoJo paddling the Kruger Cruiser at the start.

Thick and deep mud at the finish.

Thick and deep mud at the finish.

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Hogan Haake.