What is 48 Wheels?

48 Wheels is a unicycle trip to spend more time with Corvin (my son). The goal is for us to visit all 48 continental states in the United States of America. During this trip, we’ll unicycle a minimum of 1 hour (including stops for photos and setting up video). We will document our trip along the way and make videos celebrating our progress. It will take multiple road trips from home in St. Louis across the country. Some trips will be larger and tackle lots of states while other regional trips will get a few states at a time.

Corvin will also use this trip as a learning experience to better understand what it takes to plan trips and how much money they take. Basically a life lesson 🙂 We’re collecting statistics (currently on our first big trip) for the miles driven, fuel used, food costs and lots of other interesting things and see where it takes. us.

There isn’t much better out there than exploring with family!