Two Pairs – 9/7/2016

It was time for the kids to get their eyes checked. I’ve started taking them to America’s Best due to the price. You can get two pairs of glasses for about the same cost as one of the fancy places. While I’m not a fan of getting more stuff as its wasteful, the kids tend to break things.

Corvin ended up needing new glasses along with Sonora and Danelle. Corvin was quick to select his glasses and was happy about it. Sonora took much longer to find the ones she wanted. But most important to her was the case. Nevermind that they come with a case, she wanted a specific one that we eventually got her.

img_20160907_173915 img_20160907_174748

With case in hand, Danelle was last to select her glasses. I’m a bit biassed as her husband, but I think she looks great in all of them!

img_20160907_174908 img_20160907_174923 img_20160907_174937 img_20160907_175024 img_20160907_175040 img_20160907_175128 img_20160907_175202 img_20160907_175236 img_20160907_175238

Hogan Haake