The Big One (Unicycle) – 3/26/2016

I’ve been uni-cycling for about 10 years now. In the last year I’ve gotten more serious about it putting in some serious mileage. I logged 200 miles in 2015 and plan to do that much again this year. I decided that it was time to go big and really get more miles in. So I was going to order my first 36″ unicycle so I could cover more ground. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, so I didn’t get as nice of one as I wanted. The one that fit my budget was the Coker “Big One”. The price was right and I ordered it with a brake and handle bar.

It took what seemed forever in today’s instant internet age, but it was finally there when I got home from work!

IMG_20160325_154052 IMG_20160325_154210

I had to turn it sideways to get it in the front door of my house. Once inside, I managed to get one more photo before I couldn’t stop putting it together.


Of course my joy slowed down significantly from this point. It was actually difficult to put together. There is not a lot of room under the seat for a handle bar and a brake to fit!

BottomOfSeat1 BottomOfSeat2

Up on the top, the bars are supposed to slide on to the handlebar to extend them. However, I could not get them to fit on. HandelbarDoesntFit

I figured I would ride it anyway till I could talk with the manufacturer.But every time I mounted it, the “PI Bar” handlebar ran straight into my leg. There was no way I could ride this unicycle without pain for any distance!!! Here is what it looks like.


At this point, I was concerned that I had bought a less than good unicycle. But I figured an email with my concerns to the manufacturer Coker would yield some help. I wish I could say they were helpful. I basically got a reply from them telling me that there was nothing they could do and they had no suggestions for help.

Previously I had worked with for previous purchases and was very satisfied! I reached out to them and ended up talking with Josh on the phone. While I didn’t buy it from them, he spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with me suggesting things to correct it and alternate parts to solve my issues.

So I never plan to purchase a unicycle that doesn’t come from!

I’m still learning to ride it, so I don’t have great things to say about it. Here is my current collection.


Hogan Haake