Easter KC – 4/3/2015

We went to Kansas City for Easter. This weekend would be a treat for everybody but Danelle… We celebrated mom’s birthday and helped her blow out her candles on her cake.IMG_20150403_232429

During this whole time, Herman and his friends were frantically working on putting his Mustang back together. He got a new engine and has been re-assembling to make it road worthy.


They worked later into the night than they should have and one neighbor came by to let them know. But the results sounded amazing!

I made a special trip to Ryan Slebos’ house to pick up Jo’s and my boat after he finished re-working them. His work was perfect and we were both quite satisfied with the result!


The kids got to go on a wild Easter Egg hunt in the backyard!

IMG_20150405_154039 IMG_20150405_154100 IMG_20150405_154149

Another perfect weekend!

Hogan Haake

Easter 4.8.12

We made the difficult choice to stay in St. Louis for Easter this year. Having family out of town always makes the holidays a difficult choice. There is always the pull to enjoy the comforts of home, while still seeing your loved ones.

The weather was great and we enjoyed two Easter Egg hunts. One at our house, and one at Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard.


Easter and Prom 4.23

We travled to Kansas City this year to celebrate Easter. Grandma Pat started off the wonderful weekend by taking the kids to the “Ball Museum” (Wonderscope Children’s Museum). They always love going there with grandma to play. Aunt Holly decided to join them.

After the trip to the museum, Hannah had PROM that night for her high school. It seemed like bad timing to have it the Saturday before Easter, but its a public school. Sonora decided to get dressed up with Hannah.

Getting dressed up is only half the fun. When the limo came to pick up the girls at my parents house, Sonora and mom had to get in and see how awesome it is.

Hannah thought that the limo driver was quite attractive, so I managed to snag a few photos of him. I’m a good brother!

You’re looking at some seriously concerned kids! Their dad (that’s me) kicked the soccer ball over the fence. They were both judging the jump down and both decided that Corvin could do it. I didn’t let him getting the ball, opting to wait for the neighbors to throw it back over later.

Easter tradition for my parents is always to go over to Uncle Tom and Aunt Theresa’s house to celebrate. I remember doing that every year for as long as I can remember. Their current house has a nice stocked lake behind it. So after all of the eggs were found, the fishing began.

And finally, we ended up back at my parents house to do one final egg hunt.