Corvin’s Birthday Weekend – 10.8.11

For Corvin’s birthday, his grandparents from Kansas City came in town. This ia always a treat for the kids. We normally go to KC to visit them. Grandparents were treated to two soccer games on Saturday morning. Corvin is quite the soccer player scoring a couple goals each game. After the soccer games, we decided … Continue reading “Corvin’s Birthday Weekend – 10.8.11”

Corvin and Sonora Meet Thumbelina! – 8.15.11

As if the morning spent learning about the birds in their hands was not enough, Corvin and Sonora got to visit a very special horse in the afternoon!  Thumbelina is in the Guinness World Records as the smallest horse in the world!  She is not quite a foot and a half tall. The kids also … Continue reading “Corvin and Sonora Meet Thumbelina! – 8.15.11”

Corvin and Sonora Catch Birds with Danelle – 8.15.11

On Monday mornings in the late spring and through the summer, I help a group of researchers form the World Bird Sanctuary capture birds in special nets at the ecology center where I work.  On one of these mornings, I was fortunate to be able to bring Corvin and Sonora with me.  They watched while … Continue reading “Corvin and Sonora Catch Birds with Danelle – 8.15.11”