May 2020

We’ve finished the third full month of COVID-19 in the US. We’ve done a decent job of keeping socially distant, but sometimes Corvin and I just need to get out. So we go on unicycle rides!

We went out to Jo Jo’s place near the St. Francis river to help her dismantle an old barn. Mark found a large black rat snake that he caught and relocated before continuing our work.

Speaking of wildlife, we’ve been taking groceries to Danelle’s parents to keep them out of stores and safe. When visiting their house, we check on the baby birds in the carport.

In the spirit of staying socially distant I have not gotten my hair cut. I got it up in a small bun to annoy the girls.

And finally, what would the Internet be without a cat photo. They sure like having the window open!

February – 2020

We don’t seem to do as much in the winter months, but that is ok. We spent a lot of time playing with Brawndo and watching him grow up!

Richard tried to ride the unicycle in the office. I think he is the closest of anybody to getting hurt!

And Corvin playing in the sand.

Hogan Haake