Tag Along Work Trip – 5/7/2022

Danelle had an out of town work trip and I got to tag along for the weekend. I always treasure time with Danelle, especially getting to see her in a professional capacity. Her passion for the environment and conversation is inspiring.

It also helps Danelle that she doesn’t have to drive for the trip. We left early Saturday morning and headed up to Mahomet, Illionos area. There we set up a booth for a small festival to talk about the area she works on and educate the public.

Danelle is looking for a good place to get some samples to show the public.

Is there anything useful in there?

Transferring what she captured into the bucket for display later.

You can see Danelle’s tall boots, but they were not tall enough 🙂

Later that night after the event, we purchased a Cribbage board and I attempted to teach Danelle how to play. Of course being very smart, she beat me both games!

On day two, Danelle had a meeting to go over a future project. While she had her meeting, I went out on a #unicycle ride. I got 2 miles into my ride before my unicycle broke and I had to walk back to the car. After the meeting was over, we had a nice leisurely drive back home to St. Louis. It was a great weekend spending time with Danelle.

Hogan Haake