State 32 – Virginia


I’m not sure what to think when the signs tell me, Virginia is for lovers.

We started off with hotel breakfast and then drove directly to High Bridge Trail State Park. Here, our goal was to encounter a very large bridge and ride across it. It probably would have been better if we had a drone and some dramatic music. But first, we parked and decided to follow the signs to the bridge.

This lead us on a leisurely ride until we got to the bridge. There,we were struck by the length and height of the bridge.

Its one heck of a long way down!

We sat on this outcropping and took in all the scenery.

I think Corvin sees me!

Eventually, we rode across the whole 2,400 feet of the bridge. Going out and back the distance of the bridge is nearly one full mile! Eventually, we decided we would go down under the bridge for a different view. One more path to follow and we were under.

I can’t begin to imagine how long it took to place all of the layers of bricks!

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava Entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles:  179.17
Total Moving Time: 34h 31m
Total Elevation Gained: 4631 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 15
Total Corvin UPD: 9

Hogan Haake