Sonora’s First Haircut 2/11/2014

Over the last few months, Danelle and I have had increasingly difficult battles with Sonora to get her hair combed. The argumentalways ends in tears where Danelle is combing out the tangles as Sonora won’t comb her hair on a daily basis. Leading up to this day, I had two times where I just forced her to sit down and combed her hair through the tears.
Sonora was late getting hair in life. It took almost 2 years for her to get a full head of hair. Her hair seems to grow very slow, but once it comes in, it is very thick. Now we have a 7 year old girl that has long hair she won’t take care of and has never had a haircut before…

I was in the middle of one of our hair combing fights while Danelle and Corvin were out grocery shopping. When I finished combing her hair, I made the executive decision that Sonora was getting her hair cut. With more tears, she got in the van with me and we headed up to Great Clips. I gave Danelle the heads up on my way. Danelle wanted me to take her place in the grocery store while she want with Sonora for the hair cut. I declined as I wasn’t sure mom could go through with the hair cut. Instead, Danelle and I joined them for the rest of the grocery trip that was almost over. Then as a family, we went for Sonora’s haircut.

Once Sonora got in the chair, the lady cutting her hair put her at ease quickly. I think she liked being the center of attention. In fact, it didn’t take long for her to start smiling!

Ultimately, the hairdresser did an amazing job layering her hair to make it longish but easy to comb. What started as a tear filled adventure ended with smiles and happiness. She still doesn’t like to comb her hair much, but its much easier to correct now!


Hogan Haake