Sonora’s Birthday Weekend – 5/14/2022

Sonora has a birthday tradition where her grandparents from Kansas City come in town and visit. This weekend also included a track meet a ways away, so we offered for the grandparents to skip if they didn’t want to go to the track meet. GPM (Grand Pa Monster) and Grandma Pat came to St. Louis to celebrate with us anyway!

Sonora was surprised.

There was great conversation while we ate dinner!

Sonora and Corvin then got ready in their uniforms for the early Saturday meet.

The meet was 2 hours south of St. Louis in Poplar Bluff, MO. So off we went to the meet. The day was very warm with little wind. Danelle and Mom (Pat Haake) are holding umbrellas to keep the sun off of them. We’re waiting for Sonora to have her turn throwing discus.

Neither Corvin or Sonora placed high enough in their event to move on to state, but they both had a great time competing. Unfortunately, we were so focused on their events that we didn’t take any competition photos. You’ll just have to imagine them competing their best.

Back home, we spent time at the kitchen table catching up on each other’s lives and solving the world’s problems.

We didn’t forget Sonora’s birthday either.

Cake and some presents are a great way to ring in your own personal new year!

Hogan Haake