Sioux Passage Park – 1/21/2018

We decided to hang out as a family. So we loaded up the van with too much gear and headed north to Souix Passage park. We started out playing tennis for about 2 hours. We knew it was time to quit when most of the kids hits sent a ball over the tall fences. We also brought equipment for disc golf, but I got them to check out the Missouri river first.

This day was amazing because it was about 60F outside, so we were plenty warm. We drove through the park to the boat ramp and parked. A walk down the boat ramp showed an interesting contrast. Warm day with ice floating down the river.

Winter time means that the river is low. The map below shows the park (which is 211 acres). The red area is where the sand beach is that we played on. The river was low enough to walk all the way across to Pelican Island and explore, but we didn’t make it much farther than the sand.

Map cropped from Google.
It didn’t take long before all of us were all in playing in the sand!
A view of our beach for the day.

The hole got much deeper, but I had too much sand to take any more photos safely.
It got too hot for shoes, so off the came! The sand was as good as any beach on the ocean.
Making a sand sculpture.
Corvin fit in the hole I dug by hand.
Danelle made a butterfly
This cat is harder to see.
Check out the difference in water level, needs to come up about 8 feet before the beach is underwater.
Time to hike over to the ice waterfalls and check them out.
Sonora wasn’t going to let us have all the fun.
Hogan standing on the ice with muddy feet.
Trail of muddy steps.
Only my kids would follow me on freezing mud and ice to make a memory.
Corvin is proud of his tracks.
Sonora is proud of her tracks.
This is how you clean off your feet.

And if you’re still not sure, see the video!

This is one of those days I’ll never forget. The magic of feeling like winter is over and making a mess like a kid!

Hogan Haake