Re-hanging my canoe [First Draft] – 9/3/2012 AND 9/23/2012

Back in August, I showed plans for how I was going to re-hang my canoe on the ceiling of my garage. I finally got motivated and started with the original base of the strongback I used to make the canoe in 2009.

It would serve as the base that the boat would sit on. I used some old plywood to go up to the 2×4 that would serve as the top. As always, I try to include my family. So I had my daughter helping me put the screws into the form. I want them to feel part of the paddling experience so they are more interested in participating.

Unfortunately, the first pass had the form too tall. It didn’t’ seem to matter until I realized that I would not be able to close my garage door if they were not shorter.

After a few minutes of sawing and re-drilling holes, the forms were custom fitted and ready for the boat! It’s off the ground and up in the air, after a few adjustments in the knots, it was even and ready for service!

Everything seemed perfect. The boat was up in the air and hanging happily. This should have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t. Each of the wood boat holders weighed approximately 30 pounds. Add in the boat and the whole setup is closer to 140 pounds. I was concerned, and rightfully so. After a few days, I went out to check on the lift system and was quite scared. The eye-bolts in the ceiling were bending by with the weight of the boat! Look closely at the last photo of the bolt from the ceiling.

I quickly lowered the boat in frustration to the floor so it wouldn’t fall on anything or person! I love when things go well, but this was not to be. I stopped taking photos and gave up. Later, I ripped out a fair amount of dry wall in my garage and attached a 2×12 between ceiling joists.

The final product had me placing U bolts in the 2×12 boards mounted in the ceiling. If it falls now, then the boats were never meant to be on the ceiling.

Now two boats are hanging on the ceiling and one on a shelf on the side. This should be the end of my boat hanging pain, but there is one more thing that must be done. I used a cheap Harbor Freight winch.

I chose it because I could mount it flat on the wall and use it. It turns out that the teeth drop metal on every turn. There must be too much pressure on it, causing the rubbing. So I’ll have to replace it before the end of next paddling season…

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