Rachel’s PhD Help – 8/27/2017

While participating in Operation Clean Stream the day before, Danelle rekindled a friendship with some fellow students. Rachel in particular was asking for help with some of her PhD research. Danelle saw that we were free and offered our help. So we went out to Tyson Research Center

Four 2,500 gallon rain collectors for watering the plants.
I’m carrying one of the soil dividers for Rachel’s project.
Rachel standing in one of the holes that we’re digging.
Rachel’s roommate, Shreenidhi Vasudevan, showing off her muscles.


Nothing like a selfie with others 🙂

We dug holes till around 3pm when we had to leave for something else. I could have kept digging all night, but the three girls were done. We ended digging nearly half of the holes needed for the research, so it was a job well done!

Hogan Haake