Race For The Rivers – 8/23/2014

Danelle entered the 20 mile Race For The Rivers this year in her kayak. This is her third race and she has used her third boat. She was excited to race and do her best to place high in the field. First, she needed to put on her sun screen.


With sun screen on, she was ready to paddle. She started in the first wave of paddlers heading down the river for the finish line. The kids and I stayed for the second launch to get photos and spend time before heading to the finish.

While the racers were paddling like mad for the finish like, I took the kids to the Bass Pro Shop in St. Charles to look at motor boats. The kids had a great time dreaming of boats with me. After a bit, we got some food and went to the riverfront to see the boats coming in.  The kids ate lunch and went off to play in the random booths.

I managed to capture two people who couldn’t avoid the water when getting out of their boat.

IMG_7821 IMG_7844

We stayed for the awards ceremony having a great time chatting with friends. Eventually, Corvin and I took a ride on Mike Clark’s Junebug. The boat was amazingly stable and easy to paddle, but I got a bit muddy getting out!


Hogan Haake