Putting Up A Shed – 6/12/2023

We have land in Alton and we wanted to keep some supplies up there without having to haul them with us every time we go there. I’ve been pricing out lots of different options and we found a Lifetime Shed at Sam’s Club that fit our goals. The first step is to build a base. They recommend concrete or a wood platform. Both of those would add a decent amount of cost to the project. We settled on pavers on a bed of sand to start off. Not recommended, but we just assumed we knew better. We watched a fantastic step by step video created by the manufacturer on how to build the shed. We also read online that it could take 10 hours to assemble. Without further adieu, we opened up the boxes to get started.

Danelle got right to work as the brains of this operation and got the flooring spread out and set up.

It wasn’t long before the first wall part went up and it started to feel real if a bit flimsy.

Each additional piece that got added made it stronger until I had no doubt that it was going to be a good purchase. Here is Danelle sitting in the nearly finished product. There were still a few roof pieces to attach.

We finished the assembly in about four hours working together. We would buy this again!

Hogan Haake