Propane Recovery – 7/3/2013

Sonora and I happened to be at Danelle’s work around lunch time. I had just picked her up from the overnight camp. Danelle was getting ready to go out on the site and recover two propane canisters that floated onto the property during the last major rain storm. Sonora and I decided to go with them and watch the action.

The large canister was across the creek, so Danelle and two interns waded across the creek to pick it up.


Without thinking, they decided to pick it up and carry it back across.


I suggested that they float it across with somebody riding it. While nobody opted to ride it, the canister floated across the creek nicely!


Rather than watching the girls work anymore, one of the interns and I carried it back to the office. Back at the office, I turned the nossle on and propane started coming out. I laughed and turned it back off to be safe. What I had hoped would be a difficult extraction turned out to be quite benign.


Hogan Haake