Pretzel Weekend – 3/7/2014

I read earlier in the week about 5 St. Louis traditions. One of those 5 was a trip to Gus’s Pretzels. Gus’s Pretzels has been around St. Louis since 1920 and is on its third generation owners. I’m always interested in knowing more about the area that I live, so it sounded like a great weekend.

However, on Friday night, Corvin wanted to make a pretzel kit that he had recieved as a gift. It took a fair amount of time, but we mixed, waited, and twisted our pretzels to completion.

Saturday morning, we took the kids to Gus’s Pretzels just before the lunch rush. During the short wait, we watched through the windows into the cooking area. Both of the kids made the comment that they want to work there when they are older. Its always fun to hear the kids enjoy something so much! At home we all shared the different pretzels for a great treat. One St. Louis tradition down and many more to go!


Hogan Haake