Pervert Ride – 5/19/2019

I’m always looking for interesting places to ride my motorcycle. A previous ride had me in some interesting parts of Illinois. Today, I went back to take photos of all the adult establishments that I could find, hence the name of this post. Please note that no establishments were entered during this event. And if that still isn’t enough, stick around after the photos to hear about how karma got the best of me!

After getting all of these photos, and I probably missed a building or two, I decided to continue heading north on Illinois Route 3 to Alton, IL. During this part of the ride, I noticed the clouds building. Before long, it was pouring rain and I was getting drenched with rain. Eventually, it cleared up after I was completely wet. I stopped to get a few photos of the flooding.

The Great River Road is closed.

The water is in the parking lot ahead. That red thing sticking out is the entrance to the casino, but its unusable as the water is too high.

I guess this makes it a water park?

Using water to shoot the mud back into the river from the parking lot.

Hogan Haake