Paddling With Kids – 8/26/2016

I do lots of paddling, but I don’t often include my family. In fact, I think this might be the only time this year I’ve taken the kids out in the boats. Its hard to get them to agree on doing anything together. But Danelle needed to study, and that meant getting the three of us out of the house to minimize distractions.


I decided paddling Simpson Lake would be safest. I wouldn’t have to worry about a current if one of the kids didn’t want to paddle the whole time. We would go back on Grand Glaze Creek and then switch places. They were quite excited to start!

img_20160826_181231 img_20160826_181254

We took our time heading across the lake and up the creek. Sonora was having a blast going solo in the kayak. She was gentle and graceful in the boat appearing to be in control the whole time.

img_20160826_183442 img_20160826_182613

On the other side of the paddle, Corvin was fast and powerful, but looked out of control and close to tipping.

Corvin nearly tipping over again.


A potential storm brought us back quicker than any of us wanted. But all fun times must come to a close. The three of us had a great time and Danelle got lots of work done.

Hogan Haake