Paddle with Jo – 8/18/2015

The Meramec river was up a bunch. In fact, it was flooding and still rising. Danelle, JoJo and I decided to meet at the river for dinner and a paddle. We brought the pizza and she the beer. After a quick meal and conversation with a fellow paddler, we were ready to paddle.


I placed chalk lines in the pavement to watch the water rise while we were gone paddling. It didn’t change much in our hour. Normally the ramp has a long walk to the water, but not today…

IMG_20150618_181500 IMG_20150618_181507 IMG_20150618_175425

We focused on paddling in the flooded area as we could paddle in the river any time of the year. All of the photos are where grass normally is!

Can’t even limbo under the Simpson bridge!

IMG_20150618_191747 IMG_20150618_191201

Lady walking her dog on the "path"
Lady walking her dog on the “path”

IMG_20150618_191707 IMG_20150618_191729

Hogan Haake