Onondaga Cave With Hannah – 7/28/2019

Yesterday we were at the annual Stream Team Picnic. Hannah won a few prizes during the raffle and one of the prizes she got was 4 tickets to Onondaga cave. We didn’t have time to visit the cave on Saturday, but we realized that if we didn’t use them on Sunday, they would probably expire before Hannah got a chance to use her prize.

Hogan decided to stay behind while Danelle, Hannah, Sonora, and Corvin drove out to see the cave early in the morning. When we got to the park, we had to drive around a bit before we could find the cave. Once it was found, we went inside and all used the bathroom and got drinks before entering the cave.

This is the lily pad room. Its called the lily pad room because the water forms stalagmites that look like lily pads.

I think that in this room they made a man made pond to create the amazing reflection we’re looking at. In this room, they turned off the lights because its one of the rooms you can experience total darkness. When the lights went out, one of the babies on the tour started crying and they had to leave the room because the baby was scared.


I had a lot of fun with Hannah and I think she enjoyed seeing the cave.

Sonora Haake