October Sunset Race – 10/11/2012

I had a MRI scheduled, so I took the afternoon off of work. I didn’t think that I would be finished in time for the monthly Sunset Race, but I was wrong. I was early to the appointment and everything went quickly. I got a very peaceful nap during the MRI and I was refreshed. The race didn’t start for a few hours, but I decided to hit the river early and just relax, like “normal paddlers”.

Instead of heading upstream, I did a solo float down river. The weather was perfect and I was trying to take in the surroundings that I never notice when I’m paddling like a madman. Just a short ways down river was an old pump station.

I parked the boat on the bank and decided to hike up and check it out. I wanted to explore more, but there didn’t appear to be simple and safe access to get inside of the concrete structure. A little farther uphill from the pump is a metal shed. It looks to have been shot several times and the wood floor rotted out. I wasn’t about to test it’s weight bearing, so I just looked from the outside.

After doodling around for a long time, eventually Jo Jo and Jeff showed up and we had our race. I’m learning to find the magic in the river each time I go out as it is constantly changing!