Nuclear Cowboyz- 1/12/2014

I decided to take Corvin to his first motorcycle show. The Nuclear Cowboyz is a stunt group. Their show is part pyrotechnics, martial arts, motorcycles. But I should back up.

Corvin and I started out the day going for a drive. I told him I wanted to go out to eat with him as a special treat. We headed to Union Station. While their food court is quite sparse for offerings, it was right next to the event and it gave Corvin a selection of food to choose from.

After our exciting meal, I told him that we would go for a walk. We started walking towards the event at the Scott Trade center. Corvin recognized it as the arena where the St. Louis Blues play and he asked if we could walk closer and just look at it. Seeing as this was my plan all along, I agreed with him.  We got to the ticket office and I went to the will call and picked up our tickets. Corvin still had no idea what was going on. Here we are in line waiting to be admitted to the event.

Eventually standing in line with other people, the truth came out that we were seeing a motorcycle show. He still didn’t know what to think. When we got to our seats, things began to take shape. The arena was dark and set up strange.

Ultimately the show started and Corvin and I were both amazed at the tricks! I was glad that I brought hearing protection, but Corvin only wore his about half the time. A perfect father son surprise!

Hogan Haake