New Dishwasher – 4/1/2013

Before anybody gets excited, this post has nothing to do with my wife. But after she reads this, I may well be in trouble!

Our old dishwasher leaked on the floor of our kitchen for the last time. Of course the last time is always the worst! It had been gradually leaking out a little bit at a time nearly every wash for the last year. But today, it leaked what seemed like a gallon of water out on the floor. I did some research over lunch at work and came up with a list of three dishwashers that I wanted to replace the current one with. We headed off to our local hardware store after work to have a look.

After much looking around and some help from the sales guy, one of the three that I wanted was sitting in the open box section for a price that I couldn’t resist. Problem was that we had to pick it up that day. Add in an additional $160 for installation and removal of our old dishwasher, and I magically decided that Danelle and I had the skills to install our own dishwasher.

Old one out

Preparing the new one.

Nearly done.

Overall it was a big success putting in our own dishwasher! It took about two hours for us to get it all done, but I believe it was money well saved. We put the old dishwasher out on the curb and somebody came out and picked it up. Everybody wins!


Hogan Haake