Mud Run – 5/3/2014

I have to work for one of the best employers, Deck Internet Solutions, in the St. Louis area. The owner is good about sharing all the goodness of life. This spring, he paid for employees and a spouse to participate in the Mud Run. This is a 5 mile obstacle course through the mud. We decided to stay together as a group to make the event more of a team building activity and it was worth it!

Here I am jogging near the beginning with Josh.

We had to wade through stinking mud pits that were full of cold water


Dan, our photographer and co-worker somehow held on and flipped feet over his head to switch sides at this one.


Not everybody had an easy time on the balance beam.


Coming down the slide of this one, I was not ready for the cold water, or the fact that my feet didn’t touch the bottom, therefore having to swim out of breath!


Jumping down into the water looks easy till you’re tired, out of breath, and know it will be cold!


The ice bath was cold, but we felt like we had seen it all by this point!


We were a tiny bit dirty by the end!

The full company team.


Hogan Haake