Monday Night Football – 10/28/2013

I’ve been wanting to go see a St. Louis Rams game in the Edward Jones Dome for a while now. I needed a die hard football fan that cares about the game to go with me. Luck for me, Jeff is up to the task. I also wanted to have good seats. Fortunately for me, the St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series and had a game on the same night as the Rams played Monday Night Football. I was able to score two amazing tickets with a parking pass for $80.

The plan was for Jeff and I to get a meal downtown before the game. We headed downtown, but traffic caught me off guard. The highwas was a near parking lot. Knowing the city since I worked downtown, we took a short cut around the traffic. Of course, the best plans… It turns out that the city closes a ton of streets around game time. Ultimately, I think that we would have been better served to sit in traffic on the highway.

At dinner we ate quickly as we lost a lot of time trying to park.


The game was fantastic. We’re already making plans for the next NFL season. We want to visit all of the NFL stadiums within a 10 hour drive (one way) form St. Louis. It’ll take several years, but the journey will be worth it and we’ll have some fun stories to tell!

Hogan Haake