Monarch Chesterfield Levee – 5/13/2017

I’ve been riding my 36″ unicycle a lot this year since giving Corvin the 29″ unicycle. That means that I need to start over with nice flat trails to rebuild my strength. Today, I decided to go to the flattest place I could think of, Monarch Chesterfield Levee. This levee was built to protect Chesterfield, MO from the Missouri river.

Looking to the left of the path, you can see the flooding from all the recent rain. The river is on the way, down, but that meant that I had to turn around early, or go through the mud…

The levee goes by the chute to Howell island, so I made a visit, but didn’t dare try to get out there.

The path was a bit lonely, but the shadows kept me busy.

I stopped to take the time to enjoy some brickwork by a rest area before getting back to the van.

I should also mention, I set a personal best on this ride. I went 4.5 miles without dismounting the unicycle and only did so because the path ended in river mud.

Hogan Haake