Missouri River Paddle – 9/20/2020

Sonora and I signed up to do the Race To The Dome paddle race. We decided to race in our C4 canoe with Bernie and Melissa. Ok, maybe Melissa asked us to race and we said YES, but who’s really counting? Our first practice paddle (and only) was Weldon Springs back to Blanchette. Sonora and I got there early with the boat and grabbed some photos while waiting for Bernie and Melissa.

Sonora wondering what she got herself into before we even start!

Isn’t that buoy supposed to be in the river more?

It wasn’t all serious paddling. Here Melissa is taking a beer break.

And you’re not supposed to drink along so…

We often announce our intent to paddle to get a group to come with us. Dan hopped in with us and got a nice paddle in. He also grabbed a tire out of the river. Great job Dan!!!

Sonora also got to experience a barge on the river. This one wasn’t bad, but still gave her an idea what to expect.

It was a wonderful training run that showed that we were ready for the race and would do just fine as a team.

Hogan Haake