Meramec Flood – 4/30/2017

The Meramec is flooding to record levels again. Here is the first of three outings documenting it. This one is with JoJo, Andy, and myself.  Since we parked in a flooded area, we always stayed in site of the cars to make sure we could have a quick exit.

Parking at Greentree where we normally paddle, there is only an island of dry space left.
Probably shouldn’t drive through here, but I’m very familiar with the place as I paddle here every month.
Andy sitting in the front.
A gazebo nearby for reference.
JoJo in her whitewater boat ready for anything (even though we stayed well out of the river and focused on the calm flooded area).
Hogan and Andy standing on the last land here for a week.
The bathroom in the background will go 100% underwater in a few days.
Wonder what she is thinking.
Yep, its time to leave. When I parked here, all of my van tires were (barely) on dry pavement. For the hour we were out it rose several inches.