Learning to Ice Skate – 8.7.11

The kids had been wanting to learn to ice skate for a while. We decided to take a hot day outside and escape to a chilled ice rink. Corvin had been once before and was ready to go back and have fun. Out on the ice, Corvin was going decent with the metal helper to keep him from falling. Sonora wanted nothing to do with ice. She didn’t like the feel of slipping. She had one of the metal assist devices, but she didn’t want much of it. Danelle and I ended up switching where I took Sonora and she had Corvin. Sonora is almost impossible to convince that she’ll be okay. I think they did 4 laps to our one.

At some point we switched and I was with Corvin again. When I looked back, Corvin had fallen again. He was crying and not happy. Some how, he had managed to run over his own hand and cut off a layer of skin. If you want to see the picture of the damage, you’ll have to go into the album. At this point, Corvin was done ice skating. He was so upset, that he ended up fainting. After some food, a drink from the snack bar, and a large bandage, he was better. He didn’t want to skate, but he watched his mom and sister.